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I’m back and with new photo projects. This time, I’ve created an entire website around my passion for photography.  Hope you will join me:


field trip…

My friend, Monica, pointed out I have not posted any “action” shots.  So I took my dog to a field by out house, let them run around, and I photographed their adventures.  The hardest part of the shoot was making sure the camera was pointed in the right direction when the dogs would run toward me.  It sounds silly, but I found my self shooting too far to one side since I was holding the camera at dog-level and not looking through the finder.   In the end, I was happy with the shoot and hope the photos capture the excitement my little doggies had running in the field.  And next time, I’ll be sure to bring treats.

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looking for fall…

Last Sunday, I picked up my camera and headed to Fossil Lake Reservoir to capture fall in the early stages.  When I arrived, I realized the subject was not the fall-scape for which I came to photograph. Instead, it was a big grassland with a few trees along the lake that still wore their summer greens. As I walked around, I realized how dead and dry everything is in Colorado. Not much more than dry weeds and dead flowers to photograph, and I’ve done a lot of that this summer.  I ended up spending an hour and half at the lake taking photos of anything I thought was interesting.  Here are the highlights:

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Hello Everyone.  I apologize for not posting last week.  My life was suddenly consumed by a mix of work and social commitments.  The weather is changing and I am excited to capture photos of the incoming season.  I want to thank you for your continued support of my photo journey and I can’t wait to share more images with you soon.


first photo shoot…

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph a retirement party for a “big wig” at the university.  Now keep in mind, I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE.  My partner needed someone at the last minute and, considering, I was doing nothing that night, knew how to hold a camera, say “cheese”, and push a button, I was hired.  All night I walked around asking complete strangers, “can I take your picture?”  Some said “yes” without hesitation,while others half-grinned and turned away quickly after the ‘click’ of the lens.  As the night went on, I was lonely.  It’s not easy to photograph excitement, joy, and food knowing you are there to work, not to drink and eat cake.  When the night was done, so was I.  It was exhausting and I left with the hope that I got a few good shots to make the night worth it.

It was.

Here are some highlights:

(Note: All of the people photos are excluded since I did not have written permission to share their photos – darn)

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a classy lady…

My little doggies are really the best sports about my new photography interest.  They are the most photographed species in my camera (mainly because I am always following them around).  Despite my staking, they are very photogenic. This night Elphie was looking particularly classy.

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Ever since Matt and I have been together, we have always shared a love of a great margarita.  Lately we have experimented with new and exotic recipes, but simplicity and quality ingredients always win.  Here is a step-by-step presentation of Matt’s famous margarita making. Enjoy.

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Trial gardens…

So the other day I was driving around Fort Collins looking for an interesting place to complete this week’s photo assignment.  I drove past the CSU trail gardens where household plants of the future are tested to see how they grow in our climate.  I thought -easy- how hard could this be.  I was wrong.  Photographing flowers is much more difficult than I thought.  Something that looks beautiful in real-life is not necessarily interesting in a photograph. Not to mention all the squatting made me sore for two days.

Here is what I came up with.  Thoughts?

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County Road 7…

There is a county road that runs along our neighborhood.  The road is old and it’s unexpected to see such authenticity and untamed growth so close to a new development.  It’s a great reminder that aesthetic is everywhere, even just down the road.

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a walk in the park…

i took the my camera to the fountain in our neighborhood and this is what i captured.

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